VAM Kids 1 – 2 – 3 FAQ

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions
1. What does a virtual art class for children look like?
A VAM Kids virtual art class resembles many of the aspects of an in-person art class. We ensure small class sizes to allow for individualized guidance for all students. Each session blends engaging lessons, exercises to develop learned techniques and the opportunity to be creative through various art projects. Students will receive an Art-Kit WITH all required materials prior to the beginning of the session.
Each 1.5 hour live Zoom session will include:
• warm up exercises

• introduction to the lesson, including visual references and video (as necessary) presented by the instructor

• a clear view of specific techniques and steps demonstrated by the instructor

• continuous check-in with each student via audio, video and chat throughout the class (to get the best experience, we encourage all students to participate in each class with both their video and audio enabled.)

2. Are all materials supplied?
Yes, each child will receive a kit wth specific art materials which parents will pick up from VAM the week before classes begin. Kits are prepared with everything they will need for the 8 weeks with supplies separately packaged and labelled for each week. The only materials the students will need to supply themselves are standard school supplies such as:

• Pencil, eraser and sharpener

• Scissors

• Glue Stick

• Pencil Crayons


3. How will the Instructor be able to help my child should they require assistance?

Within the Zoom session, a VAM Tech Assistant will be present during each children’s art class to assist with technical aspects of participating in Zoom.

The Instructor will be able to assist each child by giving personal feedback and guidance through assessing their progress through the camera (children can hold up their work or position their device to show their work).

Instructors will be able to see how the child is demonstrating the technique through the enabled video.

Instructors can also review specific techniques or project steps again by switching their camera view to showcase their hands demonstrating the steps/techniques.

There is also the chat function, where students can post specific questions directly to the Instructor should they not want to interrupt the class.

4. What can I do to set my child up for success for an online art class?
Here are some tips to set your child up for a successful online art class week after week.

• Ensure your child comes to class with a full tummy, water nearby if they are thirsty and no need for a washroom break during the virtual class

• Set up a space where your child can create freely; a wipeable tablecloth on a desk or table, with their supplies organized and on hand. A schedule with list of materials per week will be included in their Art-Kit to assist with this

• Set up a temporary art area for your child to participate in a room with little distractions, so they can see and hear the Zoom session clearly and have space to work on their art in front of them.

• Should your child need your support, we welcome parents to remain in the room during the 1st class or until your child feels comfortable participating on their own.

5. What if my child misses a class? Will they be able to watch a recording of the class?

Unfortunately to maintain the privacy of our young students, we will not be recording our VAM Kids classes. VAM does not offer make-up classes for students who are absent from regularly scheduled classes.

6. What technological requirements do I need for my child to participate in an online class?
Your child will need access to a laptop, TABLET or personal computer with Zoom installed and headphones (if preferred) to participate in our online Zoom classes.

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