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Looking for an exciting team retreat? Treat to staff to a unique learning experience they will never forget. Host your next corporate team building event with Visual Arts Mississauga at Riverwood! Our programs promote creative teamwork among coworkers. Our Community heARTS Programs are led by professional artists and are taught in a fun and encouraging way to provide a positive experience to artists and non-artist alike.

    BENEFITS FOR YOUR TEAM: Our events encourage your team members to develop new bonds, increase communication, while getting motivated and productive. Our creative retreats will encourage your employees to explore their creative side while stretching their aptitude for learning.


    Join us in our bright artists’ studios surrounded by Riverwood or in your own facility. The day can include your team meeting, a leisurely lunch and a full session of creative art exploration with our professional artists as your guide. Programs are customized for you and art activities can include one of the following projects:


    • Acrylic painting on canvas
    • Watercolour painting
    • Chalk pastel
    • Collage
    • Printmaking

    Please contact us at (905) 277-4313 or programs@visualartsmississauga.com for more details and pricing.   

    The Community heARTS Program is supported by


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