Social Engagment

Are you looking for an exciting art adventure for you or your group? Designed with persons with special needs in mind, this is a comprehensive visual arts program dedicated to bringing exciting and enriching art experiences to the community. Our program was is designed to build confidence and a sense of accomplishment through the magic of the arts!
Art workshops adapted to suit small groups of up to 12 participants. Our ever-changing workshop choices include watercolours, printmaking, acrylic and mixed media painting. Each session is 1.5 to 2 hours in duration and can be adapted to suit the needs of participants.
Our knowledgeable art instructors lead participants in hands-on projects in their own centres or in our beautiful studios at Riverwood.
VAM’s Community heARTS Program in proudly supported by the Mississauga Seniors’ Council, Peel Senior Link, Credit Valley Seniors’ and the Region of Peel.
For more information on opportunities and pricing, please contact us at 905-277-4313 or
“I cannot express enough how much the senior’s enjoyed this program!! Isolated seniors who hardly ever venture out were looking forward to leaving their apartments, walking to their DSCN9111_edited-1building party room and creating, mingling with other seniors and either trying something new, or getting back their artistic creativity from their youth.” ~ Peel Senior Link
“When I asked the seniors what they liked most about this program, they immediately without thinking too long, answered EVERYTHING!”
The Money Shot 1“Let me begin by saying how exciting it was to be a student again, and to learn something new. Everyone around the table was eager and engrossed. The fun creating something with clay brought memories of school days. Delicate green leaves, oak and maple, were used to mold and shape clay into bowls. Painting them was more fun using vivid plastic coloured leaves as a mold. In our enthusiasm we produced astonishing Fall Colours. The team of organisers were well prepared and helpful. No time was wasted. The atmosphere was so congenial and everyone was proud of their achievements. I look forward to the next class.”
“Painting never crossed my mind until my wife asked me to accompany her the first time she took an art class. How many more people are out there with potential who have never considered picking up a paint brush. When you’re painting it’s impossible to think of anything else. Very relaxing. Keeps me out of mischief and happy.”
“Art is so good for the heart and soul. No matter what your ability or lack of.”
The Community heARTS Program is supported by