Zoom is a virtual learning environment, used by many Universities, Colleges and organizations. It is safe, private and easy to access and use. Zoom uses audio and video and all students will be seen and heard. When signing up for Zoom account, you will be asked to verify you’re 16 or older. Students under 16 are not eligible to sign up for Zoom account on their own and therefore, a parent must do so. Zoom can be accessed through the App Store or online at You can also access help at

What do I need to access Zoom courses?


  • A computer (laptop or desktop, with an internal microphone and camera) OR a newer model iPad, Tablet, iPhone or Smart Phone.
    It will be helpful to have a stand, tripod or anything that can hold your device upright so you can be hands-free during the session.
  • A stable WIFI connection
  • It is not necessary to sign up for Zoom, you will be sent an email with a link and a password that will take you to the session directly. Just click on it or copy and paste it into your browser.
  • If you choose to have your own Zoom account, the Zoom application is free when you sign up.
  • There is technical support available at each class. Please start logging in 15 minutes before your start time so any issues can be addressed before the class.


What else do I need?


  • A quiet space for creating and participating in your class
  • Click Here for suggestions on setting up your home studio space
  • Materials for the class that you registered for – lists can be found HERE

How will I know where to sign on?

The day before your class starts, you will be sent the Zoom Meeting ID and the Password needed to gain access to the class. Please check your junk folder to make sure it does not end up there. If you have not received it – please email and he can assist you.  


Who will be there?

Your instructor and a technical support person will be present at all classes. Only registered participants will have access to your Virtual Art Class.

From time to time, one of VAM’s administrative team will also be there to make sure the everything is running smoothly.

For Courses – The demo portions of classes will be recorded and will be made available to students for one week after the class.


Contact us?
Each course instructor has a visualartsmississauga email address. You will be given that in class and it is where you will send images of your work for class discussion.
For technical support, please email –
For course queries, please email Leslie –


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