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VAM at Riverwood has over 450 loyal members and VAM is proud to include their websites!
Please note that websites must show members’ artwork exclusively to be considered for a link.

To have a link on our site, you MUST be a member in good standing of Visual Arts Mississauga.
VAM reserves the right to refuse or to remove a link.

Visual Arts Mississauga at Riverwood does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external sites.

If you are interested in having your website linked with ours, or if you have concerns about any of the links
please email or call 905-277-4313.

Abrahams, Katrina –

Amin, Tanzina –

Annan, Nada –

Archibald, Sue –

Beaton, Laura –

Carmichael, Belinda –

Carroll, Steve –

Dasgupta, Ranjana –

DeGraaf, Joanne –

Dixit, Lavina –

Erskine, Chris –

Figurative Expression –

Gallagher, Jackie –

Godfrey, Stuart-

Gottschling, Erdmute –

Granger, Anita –

Iva, Maria –

Jensen, Simon –

Keele, Z’Anne –

Kim, HyunRyoung –

David McKenzie –

Marcotte, Diane –

Melo, Celina –

Moreau, Keith –

Nunes, Mena –

Pevekar, Rekha –

Ross, Devon –

Salo-Devries, Tiina –

Scerri, John N. –

Scott, Helen

Shotton, Amanda –

Theodora –

Gwen Tooth –

Umanetz, Marty –

Varma, Preetha –

Zhang, May –