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Visual Arts Mississauga

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Stephanie Schirm

Stephanie Schirm

Stephanie Schirm

Children, Teens & Adult Instructor
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A keen observer of the human condition with a constant fascination of the human form, it is no wonder that Stephanie’s creations evolve around the human body, whether in the form of fashion illustration, portraiture painting, or signature fabric tapestries.
Using a palette of bold vibrant colours, meandering lines, and layers upon layer of detail, Stephanie creates art that is at once, uplifting, soothing, and ethereal.

Stephanie began her career as a fashion designer, studying in Europe. While designing in the Toronto fashion district, she also created a number of fashion illustrations for catalogue, storyboards, and advertisements for current Canadian Designers.

She eventually left the fashion industry to become a graduate of OCAD in Communication and Design. Only then to enter the Liturgical world of Design, where she established Labyrinth Studios Inc, designing and manufacturing religious garments and sanctuary décor for Churches across Canada and the US.
Her bold use of colour and feminine curves became a hit on the contemporary side of the church, so much so that many of her competitors tried to emulate her style to this day.

Stephanie has a passion for sharing her knowledge in the many areas of creativity with her students, and even if it is just by making them aware that there are so many different areas for an artist to work in.

It is not just about instructing her students, it is also about what she learns from her students that helps her development as a visual artist into the eternal future.


Featured Pieces by Stephanie Schirm (click to enlarge)