VAM’s Creative Residency

VAM’s Creative Residency (VCR) is an opportunity for emerging youth artists in Mississauga to participate in a 6 month exhibitions program with a focus on mentorship and professional development.  Selected participants are currently enrolled or recent graduates in a post-secondary program visual arts program. Visit the VCR show on exhibition at VAM from February 8-10, 2019.
VAM’s Creative Residents 2018-19
Amrita Virdi

Amrita Virdi is an Artist in Residency and a Children’s Instructor at Visual Arts Mississauga. Amrita is inspired by the creativity and the confidence that young artists bring to the classroom. She focuses on infusing the same whimsical joy into her own work. Amrita’s experiments in art making have led her to merge together her love for painting and photography to create layers of imagery and tactile, thick paint. Amrita is interested in disrupting everyday images that stimulate our attention, with strange new colours and form that make one question what they are looking at.
Anran Guo

Anran Guo is an emerging artist currently studies Art and Art History at University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College. Anran primarily focuses on sculpture and installation, she tends to use found objects in her practice, her works usually are minimal and conceptual. Anran believes art is a language to express herself and to speak for the people whose voice cannot be heard.
Jenna Polla

Jenna Polla is a contemporary abstract painter born and raised in Mississauga. Her work embraces imperfection, as she creates abstract compositions layered in dramatic brushstrokes, interesting textures and muted colours. She has studied in Kingston, Ontario and Rome, Italy. Her work is featured in private collections in Canada and the US.
Sasha Shevchenko

Sasha Shevchenko is a multimedia artist, currently residing in Mississauga. Shevchenko often explores concepts of autobiographical intertextuality, the relationship between the body and the piece, and often references attributes of geology and neurological phenomena. She expresses these themes in a plethora of mediums, namely sculpture, installation, drawing as performance, and poetry. Her results often showcase an interaction between the artist and the process. Shevchenko currently studies sculpture and installation at OCAD University in downtown Toronto.
For more information or questions about the program, please email Eldiana Begovic at
This program is proudly supported and funded by the Community of Foundation of Mississauga Smart and Caring Children and Youth Fund.


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