VAM’s Creative Residency

VAM’s Creative Residency (VCR) is an opportunity for emerging youth artists in Mississauga to participate in a 6 month exhibitions program with a focus on mentorship and professional development. Residents will be invited to access VAM’s art centre to develop their skills in art exhibition, education and engagement. The program, invites established arts industry mentors to provide a network and constructive feedback on the residents’ artistic practice and goals. Join the Creative Residents at their the opening reception of their curated show Now Streaming! on February 7 at VAM.
VAM’s Creative Residents 2020:
ASHLEY BEERDAT Learn more about Ashley
JASMINE CANAVIRI Learn more about Jasmine
JENNY CHEN Learn more about Jenny
SOKA RODRIGUEZ Learn more about Soka
VAM’s Creative Residency and Now Streaming is generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council


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