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The state of the self, lasting for only a limited or temporary period of time.

(Im)permanent is an exhibition created by Visual Art’s Mississauga’s 2021-2022 Creative Residents. The artwork presented is inspired by our complex relationship with time and how it shapes our evolving narratives.


Opening Reception Friday, September 9 from 7-9pm


VAM’s Creative Residents 2021-22 – VCR 4



Marlon Porter

Marlon Porter is a Mississauga based photographer and writer specializing in capturing the little moments of magic hidden within the poetry of everyday life. Marlon’s work has been featured in multiple exhibits and publications, as well as been awarded in both the 2021 Smithsonian Photo Competition and the 2020 International Photography Awards. His inspiration comes from the elegance of nature, the intricacies of the human experience, and the stunning spectacle of the world around him.







Ray Vidal

Ray Vidal is a Filipino-Canadian multidisciplinary artist, muralist, musician and educator. He is passionate about bringing people together through public art engagement, mentorships, workshops, community events and programming. After graduating from OCAD University he has been creating vibrant murals, installations and digital artworks around the city.










TJ Banate

TJ Banate (alias: The Noise Witch) is a Filipinx multi-disciplinary artist and healing practitioner. Their work is centred around decolonization, Intersex and Trans rights, sexuality and Spirituality. They consider themselves a lifelong Truth Seeker with an interest in exploring the intersection of Spirituality, psychology, and Art, from an ethnocultural lens.








Veronica Spiljak

Veronica Spiljak(she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Mississauga. She completed her HBA at the University of Toronto Mississauga and Sheridan College’s joint Art & ArtHistory program in 2021. Spiljak combines drawing, screen-writing, video, photography, installation, and performance to create artworks that facilitate collaborative and immersive experiences surrounding concepts in mental health. Spiljak has exhibited locally, including shows at the Blackwood Gallery, Women’s Art Association of Canada, U of T Art Museum and the Tiny Fist Gallery”.






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VCR 3 – friend of a friend, an Exhibition by VAM’s Creative Residents 2020-21. Visit the online show at

VAM’s Creative Residency 4 is generously supported by the Community Foundation of Mississauga


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