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VAM’s Featured Artist for the month of April is member artist June Hoffland.

           ” As a teacher I had always been interested in Art, and in ways to introduce it to students so as to encourage them to enjoy expressing themselves creatively. It wasn’t until I retired that I began trying to create my own art. I began taking classes in watercolour painting at Springbank Arts Centre, and in painting portraits at Sheridan College. I found the process to be extremely relaxing and very enjoyable.
I have had the pleasure of continuing to paint and exhibit as a member of the Purple Studio Painters and of the Critique Group at Neilson Park. I find the medium of watercolours to be challenging, but perfect, for expression of subtle colour. I have painted florals, landscapes, portraits and architectural scenes.  In the last few years I have begun painting with acrylics as well, exploring abstract and non-objective painting, and enjoying the new challenges presented. I am a member of Visual Arts Mississauga, the Central Ontario Aritsts’ Association, the Humber Valley Art Club, Etobicoke Art Group and Neilson Park Creative Centre, where I attend classes and workshops.
Painting makes one look at the world around with new eyes, and each  work becomes a way to try and express this new vision. The process of creating this vision is one of continuous learning, and of growing in appreciation of everything surrounding us.”- June Hoffland

In Transit by June Hoffland


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