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Fernando Resende

SCALING WALLS—BERLIN, GERMANY 2019    Fernando Resende / FMprints.com


Fernando Resende worked for several years as an Art Director/Creative Director for Toronto’s top fashion, lifestyle and interior design magazines. He has been a Graphic Designer and an avid Photographer since studying Fine Art at the University of Toronto and Design at Sheridan and Dawson College.
In his photography he likes to show us that everyday scenery/objects can be art. He likes to travel to interesting places and is always inspired by these new surroundings, which end up being fuel for new photographs. It is an evolving collection of images that sometimes have a deeper meaning and tell a story. He tries to capture a moment/feeling usually uncontrived with or without people and sometimes the simple everyday objects become the character in the photographs.
He has experimented with printing on different materials such as paper, canvas, acrylics, unique metals and different plywoods. He especially likes working with birch, maple or cherry plywood. The wood creates a vintage or nostalgic tone to the moment captured and the unique grain patterns add an interesting element to the images.
His works have been shown at shows, in galleries, on television and local restaurants/cafes all around the GTA.


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