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Neerja Trehan is a fulltime Canadian artist, living and working in Mississauga (Ontario). She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Punjab University, India.
She has always been fascinated by nature and how it reveals itself in distinct colors and forms. She captures the serene and compassionate forms of nature to explore the mystical side of life, which helps her find peace, insight, and harmony within herself.
Her current work of abstract seascapes is painted on gallery canvas and wood panels. She uses rich and vibrant colours which express the positive, enlightened and pure energy of nature.
She has recently taken a bold novel approach to her work, moving beyond the earlier work of playing with single medium to concentrate on a fresh modern style of manipulating paint, ink, and resin. Her paintings usually consist of many layers of high quality colors, inks and art resin. She finds the process of creating these paintings using dynamic colors, fluid movements, and organic compositions very meditative.
Neerja regularly does outdoor shows and exhibits her work in different galleries across GTA.
August 2017 – Best People’s Choice Award, Artwalk in the Square, Toronto.
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