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Chris Fry

 Christine’s work explores ideas around accumulation, language, repetition and memory.  For the exploration of these ideas she employs the tactics of construction/

deconstruction, movement, line, accumulation and repetition inherent in the medias of Printmaking, Drawing, and Animation. Christine has a BA in Anthropology from York University and a BFA in Printmaking from OCAD University.  Building community and an interest in art has always been at the center of Christine’s practice.  She helped create and continues to run the life drawing group, Figurative Expressions, out of VAM in Mississauga for artists of all skill levels.


Website: www.christinefry.ca

Instagram: @christine.prints

Artist Statement: Waiting Series


This is a developing body of work coming out of my life drawing sessions at Visual Arts Mississauga.  They are based around immediate life drawings in charcoal pencil layered front and back on vellum sheets.  These drawings are then further worked at my home studio in oilstick and some are being cut and collaged.  This point of “waiting” is where I am personally in life.  I also feel that “waiting” has become a lost art.  Social media seems to have imposed this constant “doing” and “achieving” and this my reaction…dare I say…protest to this.

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