VAM Brochure Cover Artist Call

Spring/Summer 2018  Brochure Cover
Open to current VAM Members and Instructors
VAM is looking for vibrant new artwork for its Spring/Summer 2018 Brochure Cover. We are asking VAM’s Members and Instructors to submit one piece that evokes the changes of the seasons with bright, fresh, and fun images to be on our Spring/Summer 2018 Brochure Cover. Only one artist will be chosen as the cover artist.
Sumbit by emailing your image and application for to exhibits@visualartsmississauga.com 
The terms for entry and application form: Spring Summer Brochure Call for Entry
Deadline to submit: January 2 2018 
*Things to consider: Brochure text will be covering parts of the artwork and artists should consider the design that will overlay on artwork in the final print.

Winter 2018 Brochure Cover


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