Discover Your Sketchbook Style



Take our quiz to discover what your Sketchbook Style is and where it can take you this summer

1.Which art supplies can’t you live without?
a. Paints & Inks
b. I have to choose just one?!
c. Paper, Photos, Scissors & Glue
d. Pencils & Pastels
2. When feeling creative….
a. I want to experiment with colours & lines to see where they take me
b. I want to relax and focus on something beautiful
c. I want to enjoy expressing myself in a visual way
d. I want to shake up my routine
3. You have unlimited funds to purchase art. Which one comes home with you?
a. A bold, abstract painting
b. A contemporary drawing
c. A black & white photograph
d. A nature-inspired artwork
4. Choose a source for creative inspiration.
a. Colourful Art Supplies
b. Instagram & Pinterest
c. Poetry & Fiction
d. Nature
5. Which description suits you best?
a. I like to paint
b. I like to work with various art media
c. I like to draw
d. I am not sure what I prefer, I am open to try anything!
Add up your results to find out what your Sketchbook Style is!
For a complete schedule of Discover Your Sketchbook Style Workshops Click Here  Summer Sketchbook Schedule
Mostly a’s – Your Sketchbook Style is Evolved. You are seeking new ways to continue developing your artwork. You may enjoy
Inspired by Abstraction with Zan (June 23rd),
Inspired by Illustrated Maps with Linh (July 21st) 
Inspired by Imaginative Expressions with Matthew (August 18th).
Mostly b’s – Your Sketchbook Style is Eclectic. You love to try new techniques and art media to push the possibility of your pages. You may enjoy
Inspired by Photo Transfer with Nancy (July 7th)
Inspired by Fashion with Aankshika (July 28th)
Inspired by Flora with Katherine (August 25th).
Mostly c’s – Your sketchbook style is Engaging. You love to write, work with your own photos and make personal pieces. You may enjoy
Inspired by Photo Transfer with Nancy (July 7th),
Inspired by Illustrated Maps with Linh (July 21st) 
Inspired by Altered Books with Alethia (August 11th).
Mostly d’s – Your sketchbook style is Emerging. You are open to new creative experiences to break up your routine. You may enjoy
Inspired by Nature with Nicole (June 16th),
Inspired by Composition with Jacqueline (July 14th)
Inspired by Music with Carla (August 4th).

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