Covid 19 News

We take our VAMily’s safety and health seriously. If you choose to take a course or visit the gallery at VAM, here is what you can expect.

Until further notice all students and staff must wear a face mask that securely covers the nose, mouth and chin as required while in the building. There are no exceptions. Masks are available if you forget yours.

VAM will maintain a clean and sanitized building. The City of Mississauga will clean the washroom area throughout the day. In the VAM building, staff will disinfect high-touch surfaces in common areas door handles, sink taps, and light switches between classes and the building will be fully cleaned nightly by a professional cleaning service. With the exception of the washroom area, only students and VAM staff will be allowed into the VAM building
Hand sanitizer stations will be situated in each studio and in the hallway.

For students taking morning and afternoon classes, food can only be eaten outside the building, not in the hallway. During camp, masks may be removed during lunch, recess breaks and all outdoor activities.

For classes that include supplies – any shared supplies will be disinfected after use.

As always, if you have any questions, please email us at



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