Ray Vidal

Ray Vidal is a multi-disciplinary fine artist, muralist, musician and educator based in the Greater Toronto Area. His multi-disciplinary artistic and musical practices are synonymous. He is passionate about bringing people together through art, music, education, mentorship, culture and community programming. Currently, he focuses on murals, public art projects, commissioned base work and teaching community programs and workshops for adults, youth and children in the GTA.
Ray Vidal has also recorded 2 full-length albums and a small EP with his Marty nominated band the Five and Tens. He currently continues to work on his music and perform all over the GTA, engage in public art and teach programs with the Visual Arts of Mississauga and Queen Elizabeth Parkway Community and Culture Centre. He is interested in reconnecting with cultural traditions and identities through art to combat gentrification. His art practice is a self exploration into his Filipino roots and culture. He wants to reconnect with his own heritage through art making to gain a deeper sense of meaning for Filipino traditions and what they mean to him being mixed race and living in diaspora.


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