Katherine Laird

Katherine A. Laird is a certified bilingual Ontario primary, junior and intermediate teacher, holding teaching qualifications in both French as a Second Language and Visual Arts. As well, she has taught bilingual Visual Arts in the community sector for almost two decades. She is a graduate of York University and holds an Honours B.A in French Language and Fine Arts and Cultural Studies.  As well, she holds an Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts from McMaster University where she specialized in printmaking and print processes.

Laird is a contemporary printmaker and mixed-media artist fusing re- imagined print processes activated by digital stop-motion GIFs, assemblage and installation.  Laird was the 2019 Mississauga Arts Council MARTY award winner in the Emerging Visual Artist category and received Honourable Mentions by the Ontario Society of Artists in the 2020 Emerging Artist’s Juried Exhibition.  With the Ontario Arts Council’s Emerging Visual Arts Projects grant she received in 2020, Laird’s current work attempts to visualize an imagined future of ecological coexistence in the new and hopeful Ecocene experienced by the innocence, romanticism, and fantasy of childhood understanding, nightmares and storybook aesthetic.

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