Karin Weber

My artistic life has deeply rooted influences. My mother was a museum director and my father, when he wasn’t teaching literature, wrote poetry. So I grew up thinking that art openings and poetry readings were key to becoming a grownup. Now decades older and perhaps slightly wiser, I know that growing up is not always desirable for an artist, at least not this one, while art and poetry remain essential to my life. Coming from a family passionate about the arts, I was taught to revere creativity and the imagination, so it was natural for me to become an artist and writer. I’ve been blessed to have lived in many places: the United States, Europe, and Canada. After completing a BA in anthropology at McGill University, I married and raised a son. I trained and worked as a commercial graphic artist before switching into the fine arts. Currently I teach watercolour at Visual Arts Mississauga. I draw creative sustenance from nature, as is evident in the rock, water and sky themes in my paintings and photography. In addition my Scottish Canadian heritage has inspired me to explore Celtic themes. I also write poetry and fiction.

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