Gwen Tooth

Gwen Tooth is an expressionist painter. She paints to express energy, soul and mood. She has in recent years completed several series of paintings revealing the various moods and energies of water – whirlpools, waterfalls, and tsunamis.

Gwen is a member of the Toronto collective Propeller Art Gallery, Artists’ Network, Gallery 1313 and an Associate member of the Society of Canadian Artists.
A few of her solo shows are described below:

“Niagara Falls in Winter”, 2020, is an exhibition of acrylic paintings in which Gwen has experimented with multiple textures and glazes to present her impression of seeing “the Falls” in winter on numerous occasions over many years.

“White Water Rapids”, 2019, was an exhibition of acrylic paintings that had been created to express both the rugged beauty and the destructive force of white water rapids. Gwen experienced the impact of these waters, as she walked along the WhiteWater Walk, a close encounter with the White Water Rapids of the Niagara River in Niagara Falls, Canada.

Her 2016 series “Red Series: Gentle Waterfalls”, was an exhibition of acrylic paintings interpreting gentle waterfalls on red backgrounds. Nature was full of joy once more.
Gwen’s 2017 project, “Indian Ocean Variations”, exhibited at Propeller in April was a series of acrylic paintings inspired by the many vibrant colours, visual sights, sounds, and scents of India.

“Black and Gold”, Gwen’s 2018 installation project, was a series of acrylic paintings using gold dripping expressions on black backgrounds. This installation was meant to evoke emotions and symbols of wealth, drama, mythology and music through operas such as “Der Ring des Nibelungen” by Richard Wagner.

Gwen holds a B.A. from Western University, a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) from Ontario College of Art and Design University and a Certificate of Achievement in Fine Arts with Honours from Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. She teaches adult classes in acrylic abstraction as well as experimental drawing and painting at various cultural centres and art groups and is available to jury exhibitions.

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