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Carey Alvez brings over 40 years of experience and extensive training as a fine artist, graphic designer, photographer, multimedia and course developer.
She also teaches drawing, painting and photography and has won international awards for her drawings and paintings from the Portrait Society of America and The Art Renewal Centre. Her work has been chosen from among thousands of presenters and published for the annual Strokes of Genius Book & Cover and The Artists Journey with F&W Media Fine Art publishers. She has also been the lead and conceptual artist for over one hundred in-house and online courses at the corporate, college and university level.


  Praise for Carey
“The thoroughness and knowledge of the instructor and her ability to pass it on to us all were excellent.”
“This is the best course I have taken!! I learned how to draw portraits – step by step. I can apply what I have learned to my own work – drawings, water colour, etc.”


Foundations of Realism: Skill Building Series – Portraiture

This is the perfect opportunity to finally tackle those family portraits.

Bring your drawing and portraiture skills up to a whole new level with this 6 course series, which has been designed to give you a solid foundation into the techniques of realism. Learning these drawing skills and concepts will also make you a better painter, as these techniques apply to successful “Image Making” in any medium.


You’ll learn to work with a number of different mediums including pencil, charcoal and an introduction to colour with mixed media.


These courses can be taken as an individual exploration of a particular medium or they can be taken as a full series. Depending on your experience, it’s recommended that you start with the “Foundational Concepts”, but after that you can progress through the courses in any order. By taking the full series you will gain the understanding, experience and skills to bring your artwork to a more professional level.


You’ll also learn how to take your own reference photographs using the equipment you already have, even if it’s just your cell phone. We’ll learn how to use light and work with your model to get the images you want.  Then we’ll learn how to translate your photo reference into artwork (yes there is a trick to it!)

Finally you’ll be introduced to benefits of doing Master Copies. This is the study of techniques used by the Old Masters, a proven and powerful method of training for centuries.





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