Bhavna Bhatnagar

Bhavna Bhatnagar was born in New Delhi, India. After arriving to Canada in 1989 she
volunteered at Ontario’s London Art Gallery and was a part of their corporate department. Originally
focused on oil-painting and decorative arts, Bhavna pursued numerous other mediums after
beginning her artistic career in Canada. Taking classes in French paper tole art at Fanshawe
college, she then mastered and taught art at a community center in London, Ontario. Bhavna also
built her teaching experience by leading part time French paper tole adult classes at the local
community center.


After moving to Toronto in 1994 Bhavna attended George Brown College where she
graduated with a professional diploma in ceramics. Her ceramic work was shown on City TV in
1997 during her second year at George Brown. In addition to her artistic endeavors, her passion of
event planning lead her to co-chairing the Trillium Diwali Gala in 2005and 2008, allowing her artistic
experience to create a more aesthetically pleasing event. Additionally, Bhavna was actively
involved in both the Lion’s Club and Rainbow Galas.


Her passion in the arts and event planning inspired her to open a family entertainment
center in 2006. By organizing clay workshops/parties Bhavna provided opportunities to both adults
and children to pursue their own interests in art. In addition, she coordinated corporate events at
her center for large companies such as WestJet, Home Depot, and multiple others.
Despite her numerous successes, in 2012, Bhavna sold her company to continue her passion by
joining the Mississauga Potter’s Guild. She took a position on the board of directors at the Guild,
serving as an exhibition coordinator. One notable activity she organized was the 2016 Biennial
Exhibition at the Living Arts Centre. Through the Mississauga Arts Council she has administered
clay workshops for children. She also separately organized clay workshops for Montessori’s and


As Bhavna became increasingly involved in the art community through the Potter’s Guild,
she began to participate in juried events and exhibitions while also coordinating successful Diwali
art shows to present her unique art works, Winning multiple awards at various exhibitions at places
such as the Living Arts Centre and the Mississauga Potter’s Guild she was also invited to the
Vibrant Ceramics Summit in India as VIP delegate from Canada, thus increasing her interest in the
integration of ceramics and technology. Bhavna looks forward to maintaining her involvement in the
community to promote the mediums of ceramics through workshops and volunteering opportunities.


Recently, Bhavna has opened the official Ceramic Expressions art studio in Brampton,
where she has held numerous guest workshops, exhibitions as well as an in-house gallery that
beautifully displays her artwork. Additionally, as COVID-19 took the world by surprise Bhavna has
swiftly integrated her passion in art and interest in technology by developing online workshops.
Utilizing today’s virtual technology, she has conducted numerous lessons with people of all ages.
Lately, her artwork has been selected for the Arts&Artisans Development Network Festival, and the
AGM for its Border Crossing Project where she has continued her involvement by facilitating
workshops. Bhavna looks forward to improving her knowledge and artistic techniques over the
course of her career and maintaining her involvement in the community to promote the medium of


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