Jenifer Levine

A native of Saint John, NB, sculptor and artist Jenifer Levine came to Ontario in 2000 with an
artistic vision to create ceramic art that would challenge the standard practice, evoke emotions,
conversations and act as a catalyst to inspire the imagination in the ‘everyday’ person.
She recently founded her own company “3DE Creations” where she designs and produces
unorthodox, 3-dimensional functional ceramic tableware.
She feels that art should always be accessible or available to anyone, even those who find a gallery
setting intimidating. “Clay is more than just pottery”. It is the chameleon that can take on any
form, texture and intensity. Her work challenges the stigma that is associated with this medium
and she wants to transform this attitude towards clay and bring out of the ‘stone age’.
Her unique take on ceramics portray the natural complexity and beauty of the living form with
her use of various clay materials. Her works exemplify many of the ‘classical’ techniques used with
this medium such as hand building, wheel thrown elements and Bas Relief. The surface
treatments encompass the breadth of glaze chemistry, from food safe glazes to texture enhancing



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