Brian Smith

Mono-Portrait of David(sml)ARTIST’S STATEMENT I have been drawing and painting the human form for well over forty years and I continue to derive an enormous amount of pleasure from it. Whether a classical drawing of the nude in sanguine chalk or a more whimsical drawing of a group of figures in compressed charcoal or an abstracted painting of the figure, the thrill of the human form and the challenge of recording and interpreting that form and its gestures and surfaces keeps bringing me back daily. I am an artist because the human form inspires.
BIOGRAPHY Brian Smith was accepted into the Ontario College of Art with advanced standings and full scholarship. After graduating in 1969, he worked as a graphic designer, including founding his own brand development company, LOGOSBRANDS, in 1979. Over the next 27 years, he and his design team won over 90 national and international design awards. Throughout this time, Brian has also been a practicing fine artist, specializing in classical drawing and painting from the figure. His works range through a variety of media and styles, and are represented in collections across Canada and the US. AOCA Toronto ON