Betsy Bell McKimm

The joy of my life is that I can gather up all my past training and experience (BA, MBA, Teacher Certification, Arts Diploma and Yoga Teacher) into art and yoga instruction for the curious, the hesitant, or the person of any age who wishes to move forward with grace, agility and joy!
My appreciation and execution of Art is expansive, albeit with a preference for drawing, water media, and oils. Sometimes my subjects are anthropomorphic beings in quiet situations expressed with graphite, ink, watercolour and coloured pencils. Other times I play with a big canvas and energetically fill it with non-representational images, unreal beings and emotionally charged colour.
After three score years, I embraced Yoga and a Yogic lifestyle; finding improved health, equanimity, and contentment. Yoga is not just about physical fitness; it is lifestyle and a science that provides a beautiful and powerful means of achieving significant and enduring physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. More to discover at:

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