Amrita Virdi

My name is Amrita Virdi and I am an artist. I graduated from the Art and Art History program at the University of Toronto and Oakville Sheridan. In this program I was able to engage in the academic studies of art, while also developing a body of self-directed work that came from studio classes in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, print media and design.

I have specialised in painting because I am fascinated with expressing myself through colour. I obsess over mixing colours and enjoy watching how each colour reacts with the next in a continuum of layers of tactile and often thick paint. My work is process based and heavily dependent on experimentation and finding new and innovative ways to use paint to describe the world around me.

With the help of the Art and Art History program I was awarded the Dr. Annie Smith Travel Grant, which made it possible for me to travel to India. I spent four months travelling throughout India to make art that reflected all of the vibrant colours that I found on my journey.

I now look forward to using my education and knowledge to help other feels joy and happiness in making art. My classes focus on artistic freedom and the helping others find their creative power.  I thrive to create a comfortable and fun space, where everyone feels inspired by the beauty that is inside of them and also the beauty that surrounds us at Visual Arts Mississauga.







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