VAM was founded in 1977 by a group of Mississauga artists that included Beth Southcott, Betti Pauli, Fay Sproule, Gerry de Jong, Wynn Reid, Norm Reid, Shirley Erskine and many others who provided administrative and governing support to the organization. VAM was created to provide meeting and studio space for a growing number of residents interested in the arts. In 1981, the organization began operating out of Springbank Art Centre on Mississauga Road. This location is now the site of University of Toronto Mississauga Campus. VAM has established a long, vibrant and important history of providing fine art courses and creative opportunities to the citizens of the Greater Mississauga Area. VAM’s founders had a creative vision and a strong sense of artistic community that is still felt by our students, staff, board, members and visitors 38 years later. We honour our past and look forward to many more years of art-making and community building and bridging.


A comprehensive history of Visual Arts Mississauga and its member groups was created in 2017 in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Visual Arts Mississauga and the 150th Anniversary of Canada. VAM’s Days to Remember commemorative book was created to recognize the visual arts collectives associated with VAM and their contributions to arts in the City of Mississauga. Copies of Days to Remember: Celebrating 150 years of Visual Art are available in the VAM office.

See the VAM Legacy Video created by LifeSketch Media. VAM thanks The Community Foundation of Mississauga for its funding for this project.

VAM’s History – Photo Album

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