Kids’ and Teen Safety Protocol At VAM

What to Expect for VAM Kids & Teen Fall 2021 Session
Full On-line and At-VAM details can be found HERE

We look forward to welcoming our VAM Kids & Teens this Fall whether participating online or in person at our VAM Studios! Here is what you can expect this Fall:
On September 14, 2021, the Government of Ontario released regulations and guidance for proof of vaccination to enter certain facilities. In accordance with the law, Visual Arts Mississauga will require proof of vaccination for all students and staff ages 12 and over to attend at-VAM programs.
While some students ages 12 and older may be exempt for medical reasons, we do not feel that we are able to accommodate unvaccinated persons at this time. Please call the office or email for more information. Students ages 12 and younger are exempt.
Please see COVID NEWS for details.
Class Size & Art Materials
• Classes will have a maximum of 10 Students and 1 Instructor plus a floating Volunteer
• Students will have shared materials for their class which will be disinfected before each class
• Students who wish to bring their own school supplies such as pencils, erasers, rulers, coloured pencils, markers, scissors and glue stick are welcome to do so if they prefer but must bring them home each week
Masks & Washroom
• Every person who enters the VAM building must wear a mask unless they are under the age of 4
• Should students need to use the washroom during class time, they will use the public washrooms which are cleaned 4x each day
Drop Off & Pick Up Procedure
• We prefer that our students are dropped off and picked up by 1 Parent/Guardian
• Families of students will not be able to remain at VAM during class time, only registered students are permitted to enter the building
• A COVID check in point is set up at the entrance of our building for Parents to self-assess their child before Students can enter our building. During class, if an instructor observes any symptoms of illness, Parents will be called to pick up their child.
• Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance and in each studio
• Students will be directed to their studio once inside our building. We kindly ask that Parents drop off students at the door to limit the number of people entering our building
• At pick-up, we will implement a staggered dismissal
Instructors will bring students to awaiting Parents in a designated area outside.
• During inclement weather, pick-up will be arranged within the 1st set of sliding doors.
• Our youngest students will be dismissed first, followed by our older students.
Make Up Classes: VAM does not offer make-up classes for students who are absent from regularly scheduled classes. Should students miss a class, their Instructor will do their best to catch up the student during the following class.

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