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World Art Day: Community Exhibition

VAM would love to showcase the talented artwork of artists of all ages to celebrate World Art Day! We want to emphasis how important art is, promote different techniques and media, and to support artists of all ages. We are inviting artists to submit images of their 2-dimensional artwork for our World Art Day Community Exhibition.

All submissions will be featured in the VAM Gallery from April 10 – 16

Deadline to Submit: March 19

Apply here! 


2024 Art Calendar Fundraiser

We would love to showcase the talented artwork of our community in our inaugural Art Calendar Fundraiser. Submit images of your 2-dimensional artwork. 12 artworks will be chosen – one for each month of the year. When submitting your work, please indicate which month you are submitting your artwork for. The 12 chosen artists will receive $100 each and a calendar! Prizes are generously sponsored by the Community Foundation of Mississauga’s Claude King Fund.

Selected submissions will also be featured in our Hallway Gallery and in an online exhibition.

Deadline to Submit: March 31

Apply here!


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